Tired of Marketing Strategies that don’t covert?

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What Do You Get?

You will get whole deal that covers everything from Website Design-speed assessment, Performance, SEO score to Conversion Rate Optimization. No BS, only the things that matter in SEO

Free SEO Audit

Complete comprehensive report after auditing the site, full fetched battle-tested investigation standard

10+ Years in Business

Digitalixir is offering white label digital marketing solutions for over a decade

Tools Access

Access to toolset used in the process. We don’t expect you to hustle around GMB, Search Console, Analytics, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. You got a business to do. We have a complete set of online tools you can access from anywhere get updated anytime you want. Gone are those days of mailing your provider and waiting for them to reply. And here’s the fun part.
You can compare cross-platform performance (GMB vs. Google vs. FB vs. YouTube vs. Instagram) and understand where to focus next; everything’s live!

Certified Experts

Digitalixir is a certified partner of Google, Bing, Microsoft, SEMrush, and Hubspot

We listen

We don’t take up a project and apply a generic formatted approach for your business. One thing that may have worked for someone doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for you too. We study your business, set up your goals, and design the most suitable action plan from the scratch

Tier Based Pricing Strategy

Your business is unique, so are your needs. We don’t quote generic prices; we assess, evaluate and quote competitive prices based on your needs

Here’s what people are saying about this Technical Audit:

What’s keeping you from Success?

Your website is a complete package that includes Design, Speed, Accessibility, and Performance.
Your Website is the frontline of your business! It’s better not to drive traffic to a site than pushing them to a poorly built site.

Why digital marketing not working

Search Engine Performance

Build a site to rank from scratch; It must rank. There’s a couple of things you want to know about your site’s SEO performance:

  • Am I targeting the Right Keywords?
  • Am I targeting the Right Audience?
  • Do the Search Engines Acknowledge me as a Brand?
  • Am I ready for Mobile visitors who are almost 62% of total visitors?
  • Is my Site Secure for my Customers and me??
  • Does my site comply with State and National Laws?
  • Is my site Clean Coded and Well Structured?
  • What’s my On Page SEO game? Am I better than my competitors?
  • Where does my Off Page SEO stand? Can I give my Competition a run for their money?
  • And More…
conversion rate optimization by digitalixir

User Experience And Conversion Rate Optimization

Customers are King, and we must treat them like one! They don’t buy from anyone who fails to do so. Let’s see how are we doing there:

  • How Fast is the site Loading?
  • Is there any conflict in Color Scheme?
  • How Persuasive is the web copy?
  • How Accessible are the useful tools?
  • How optimized is the Call to Action Buttons?
  • How Comfortable are they on my site?
  • And Many More…
competition analysis by digitalixir

​Competition Analysis

We must keep our friends close and keep our enemies even closer!

  • Who are the Top Competitors?
  • How Good are they?
  • What are they doing?
  • How are they doing?
  • What are they not doing?
  • What are my Opportunities?
  • And Many More…

Who Are We?

Digitalixir is your Trusted Partner for Digital Marketing Solutions. We offer custom digital marketing strategies for any business.
From marketing content development to advertisement campaign management, Website Development to Search Engine Optimization, Digitalixir does it all for you.
We offer KPI based ROI focused services for small to large business organizations. Our built-in reporting dashboard enables you to monitor every curve of your Brand’s digital presence and giving one to one feedback.

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